• The Guardians
  • Room Zero
  • Hexadecimal
  • The Guardian Code
  • Megabyte


On their first day at a new high school, four teenagers – Austin, Parker, Tamra, and Trey – are recruited by V.E.R.A. (the Virtual Evolutionary Recombinant Avatar) to become the Next Generation Guardians of Cyberspace. Later, in class, they are shocked when V.E.R.A. appears bio-constructed as Vera, a teenage human girl.

[ EPISODE 02 ] Resurrection

The Sourcerer reanimates Megabyte and upgrades him to do his bidding in cyberspace. Reluctant to be the leader of the Guardians, Austin leaves the others in jeopardy when they go back into the internet to stop Megabyte from reopening the rift the Sourcerer opened, and the Guardians blocked on their first mission earlier that day.

[ EPISODE 03 ] Fortress Command

Insistent that Googz lacks firepower, Parker upgrades his cybersuit without Vera’s authorization and enters a mobile game to test it out. Megabyte is in the same mobile game and has infected the game’s Fortress and Sentinel Army to establish his own power base. The Guardians head into the fortress on a desperate rescue mission.

[ EPISODE 04 ] Catastrophic

Under pressure from his father to improve his grades, Trey clashes with Austin on a mission to catch a cat virus clogging the internet. Working for the Sourcerer, Megabyte wipes out a cyber security system that allows the Sourcerer to steal a new computer prototype.

[ EPISODE 05 ] Discoveries

The mysterious sphere found in the Codec reveals a startling secret about the origin of the Guardian Code technology. After finding another sphere in cyberspace, Vector and Googz end up in danger in Megabyte’s Fortress. Vera gets a detention for correcting a teacher.

[ EPISODE 06 ] Emotional Rescue

Vera installs a Teenage Emotion Plug-in into her operating system in an attempt to be more human. The Guardians try to stop the Sourcerer and Megabyte from bringing down a major banking system. The DIS tracks the Guardian Code, believing it to be connected to the Sourcerer.

[ EPISODE 07 ] Game Day

Trey has to make a choice between delivering a win for the high school basketball team and saving his friends when the other three Guardians find themselves trapped in the fortress by Megabyte and several of his Replicants. The Sourcerer changes his mind about deleting Megabyte when he discovers the Guardians are human.

[ EPISODE 08 ] Artificial Intelligence

As Vera tries to convince Austin’s mother Judy of the benefits of technology, the Sourcerer hacks the smartphone Virtual Digital Assistant Alyx, turning her into a real world menace. Vera and the Guardians must reset Alyx’s programming before she causes serious damage. Vector must protect Judy when Alyx takes control of her car.

[ EPISODE 09 ] Datastorm

While Austin is preoccupied about his mother’s relationship with Mark Rowin, the Guardians rush into Cyberspace when the Sourcerer takes control of a weather satellite and unleashes a potentially devastating hurricane on the Pacific Northwest. The Guardians are forced to take drastic measures to stop the Sourcerer.

[ EPISODE 10 ] Mainframe Mayhem

Megabyte goes into Mainframe to convince his sister Hexadecimal to join forces with him. With Trey away at a basketball game, Vector, Enigma and Googz investigate and encounter original ReBoot characters Bob, Dot, and Enzo, in Mainframe. Parker tries to take his interest in Vera to the next level only to be crushed when Trey makes plans with her first.